The Strongman event has 2 categories;

Fun and Fierce


FUN is an entry level Strongman, maybe you always wanted to get involved but thought you didn’t have enough experience or maybe you simply want a goal to train towards; whatever it might be is the category for you! Please note, you can’t enter this category if you have entered more than 3 strongman competitions or completed a series before.


FIERCE is for those athletes who are experienced in Strongman, maybe you want to give something different a try or add another strongman comp to your growing list to tick off; then this is the category for you! Please note, you must have competed in at least 1 major strongman event before.


Here is your chance to go up against some of the best in NZ in your respected weight class. Lift items of old and go back to bare roots to be crowned the Heritage Champ.


Both categories fun & fierce have cash prizes. It will consist of 4 events split into both male and female – push, pull, throw, medley (more details to come)


Coal Shoveling: Ever thought your handy with a spade? Be crowned Ferrymead’s fastest coal shoveler! This event is open to the public (more details to come)


The Lifeline Tram Pull: This is our team Strongman event with all proceeds going to Lifeline. Teams of 5 will aim to pull a tram down the main line as fast as they can. The trams weigh around 12 Tone & the race distance is 25m; due to the unique venue you will not only be racing against the clock but against the team on the line next to you!


This will be split into Male and Female categories.

So what are you waiting for!!? Enter today!!

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